Jennings Zhang

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Northeastern University

Computer Science/Biology, 2022

Boston Children's Hospital

FNNDSC, Advanced Computing Group

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Brown Lab, CCL co‑op

Research & Projects

Building bridges for comptuational research in medicine.


Summer 2019
Estimation of fetal subplate zone thickness from in-vivo MRI by surface mesh deformation.
  • Lana Vasung, Caitlin K Rollins, Hyuk Jin Yun, Clemente Velasco-Annis, Jennings Zhang, Konrad Wagstyl, Alan Evans, Simon K Warfield, Henry A Feldman, P Ellen Grant, Ali Gholipour (2019). "Quantitative In vivo MRI Assessment of Structural Asymmetries and Sexual Dimorphism of Transient Fetal Compartments in the Human Brain." Cerebral Cortex. (Pubmed)
  • Lana Vasung, Caitlin K Rollins, Clemente Velasco-Annis, Hyuk Jin Yun, Jennings Zhang, Simon K Warfield, Henry A Feldman, Ali Gholipour, P Ellen Grant (2019). "Spatiotemporal Differences in the Regional Cortical Plate and Subplate Volume Growth during Fetal Development." Cerebral Cortex. (Pubmed)
  • More in the making!


Abstracts and Posters

Cloud Computing


I work at the Boston Children's Hospital as a developer for ChRIS. Our goal is to lower the technical barriers to the use of distributed computing in biomedical research.

Some things that I'm working on...

  • Plugin development
  • Network security
  • Containerizing CIVET
  • Cross-platform support (x86_64 and IBM Power9) for deployment on the Mass Open Cloud

A Mobile App for Outpatient Care


Treetment is my current side-project. I hope for it to be a proof-of-concept of how simple algorithmic thinking can improve clinical practice.

Please reach out if you're interested in working with me on this!

Systems Biology


Spring 2020 "PEAK Base Camp" award recipient.

The aim of the Carrier Lab is to understand host-microbiome interactions at the mucosal surface and to engineer an in vitro model of the human gut. I help run bioinformatics pipelines on bacterial 16S sequences while also getting some bench experience.

Last fall, I gave a class about systems biology and microbiome research through Northeastern Splash.

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Computer Science

Free software advocate, Linux enthusiast, script kiddie.


Hacking. I figure things out best by breaking them apart.


Even before coming to Boston, I discovered an injection vulnerability on Northeastern's undergraduate admissions webpage. After demonstrating its exploitability, I worked together with Northeastern ITS to ensure we have reliable defenses against cyber attack.

Writeup (


Fall 2019

In fall 2019 I joined Generate as a build studio engineer, working for a student startup called Mount Locks.

Using cryptographic functions, I designed and implemented a custom protocol for token exchange over Bluetooth LE. The device authenticates communication without ever having to transmit the password.

After leaving Generate, I continued to work with Mount Locks as a consultant to advise the team on security and web architecture.

Code on


Cyber awareness! I've given presentations at CoSMO,NU Hacks,Wootton high school, and 2 hour courses through Neptun. Ay my high school, I was the founder of the cybersecurity club.

Old Web Projects



Contributor to a popular community-driven app for NEU students.



Restaurant ready order number display in Vue.js.

Let's Talk


Full-stack (JavaScript + MySQL) social media web app like Facebook to demonstrate beginner-level injection vulnerabilities. Discussion on Reddit

Some Boring Skills

  • Systems
    • Docker containers
    • Linux Systems Administration
    • Cisco CCNA (LAN Networking)
    • CompTIA Security+
  • Data Science
    • Python 3
    • R
  • Applications
  • Markup
    • LaTeX


... more about me!

At: Boston, MA

From: Rockville, MD

Favorite City: Montréal, QC


Likes: snowboarding, garlic, philosophy

Dislikes: climate change, online advertising

Open to chat about anything!

3D origami penguins