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Building bridges to enable computational research.

Things I Do

Northeastern University
Boston Children's Hospital
Carrier Lab
Security Advisor
Mount Locks
(Future) Co-op
Dana Farber Cancer Institute

I have a strong commitment to open science and a passionate curiosity for the world.

Research interests: systems biology, computational medicine.


Northeastern University
Khoury College of Computer Sciences
Computer Science/Biology Combined Major
McGill University
Fall 2018
School of Continuing Studies
First semester exchange student.
Montgomery College
Fall 2017
Spring 2018
Dual Enrollment
CMSC 260Computer Security (CompTIA Security+)
BIOL 210Microbiology
Thomas S. Wootton HS
High School
Rockville, MD


Healthcare depends on the future generation to be well versed in both medical and computer sciences. I am devoted to enabling collaboration between these fields.


My research at the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and the Boston Children's Hospital contributes to the study of developmental human neuroanatomy.

We built an image processing pipeline using CIVET 2.1.1 for quantitative analysis of fetal human brain MRI scans.

My work focused on surface mesh reconstruction of the subplate zone, which is a transient subcortical compartment with unique morphology.



  • Lana Vasung, Caitlin K Rollins, Hyuk Jin Yun, Clemente Velasco-Annis, Jennings Zhang, Konrad Wagstyl, Alan Evans, Simon K Warfield, Henry A Feldman, P Ellen Grant, Ali Gholipour (2019). "Quantitative In vivo MRI Assessment of Structural Asymmetries and Sexual Dimorphism of Transient Fetal Compartments in the Human Brain." Cerebral Cortex. (Pubmed)
  • Lana Vasung, Caitlin K Rollins, Clemente Velasco-Annis, Hyuk Jin Yun, Jennings Zhang, Simon K Warfield, Henry A Feldman, Ali Gholipour, P Ellen Grant (2019). "Spatiotemporal Differences in the Regional Cortical Plate and Subplate Volume Growth during Fetal Development." Cerebral Cortex. (Pubmed)
  • More in the making!

Abstracts and Posters

Systems Biology

I'm interested in the cross-talk between the central nervous system, mucosal immune system, and bacterial microbiota. This semester I am helping the Carrier Lab run bioinformatics tools for meta'omic profiling and statistics. We are building in-vitro models of the human intestines which are responsive to host-microbiome interactions.

Also, I love teaching! Splash is a program where undergraduate students prepare and teach classes to high school students in Boston. One of my topics is about clinical microbiology and the gut-brain axis.

Computer Science

Free software advocate, Linux enthusiast, script kiddie.

Cloud Computing

ChRIS is lowering barriers to neuroinformatics using cloud computing and containerization. The open source platform makes it easy for researchers and clinicians to use advanced software.

At the Boston Children's Hospital, I am helping the team with software development and managing the Linux compute infrastructure. My current project is about image segmentation using machine learning on ChRIS.

Another initiative is to get CIVET on Mass Open Cloud. I've started the conversation by contributing a Dockerfile to the upstream repository on Github.


Hacking. I figure things out best by breaking them apart.


Even before coming to Boston, I discovered an injection vulnerability on Northeastern's undergraduate admissions webpage. After demonstrating its exploitability, I worked together with Northeastern ITS to ensure we have reliable defenses against cyber attack.

Writeup (


Fall 2019

I joined Generate as a build studio engineer, working for Mount Locks.

Using cryptographic functions, I designed and implemented a custom protocol for token exchange over Bluetooth LE. The device authenticates communication without ever having to transmit the password.

After leaving Generate, I continue to work with Mount Locks as a consultant to advise the team on security and web architecture.

Code on


Even more important than direct contributions would be promoting awareness of security. I've given presentations at CoSMO, Hacks, Wootton high school, and 2 hour courses through Neptun. For the cybersecurity club I founded in high school, I developed a full Facebook-like web app (JavaScript + MySQL) to demonstrate beginner-level injection vulnerabilities. Discussion on Reddit


I am a contributor to Search NEU, a community-powered web app to make class registration easier for Northeastern students.

Through Hacks I have weekly discussions with a diverse community of programmers at Northeastern.

Order number display system at the restaurant I worked at.

During the summer after high school I had a summer job at a noodle shop. My coworkers and I were fed up with the clunky order display app. So as anyone would do, I made my own app in Vue.js + express as a personal project!

Gitlab repo



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Likes: snowboarding, garlic, philosophy

Dislikes: climate change, advertisements

Don't hesitate to contact me about anything!

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